Monday, August 1, 2011

She's juicy and she's trouble; she gets it to me good.

"You should be dancing.." by the Bee Gee's is the only song I can associate with this post. (I know I am about a month late, but bear with me..)

When my dear friend Earl asked me to join them for the Preview Best Dressed Ball, wearing Mark Bumgarner, there was no doubt about it, I had to go. My excitement took off even more when I came in for a fitting and saw the pieces.. I was floored. I initially tried the dress with the mesh skirt (the one that eventually went to my girl Ikee) - but when I slipped into the bodysuit and the most amazing palazzo pants ever created, I knew that was it. We joked about pulling a Lady Gaga, i.e. without pants but I didn't think the press could handle it.. and considering we made a quick stop at McDonalds between the party and Republiq, it was probably a good decision, ultimately. I had not danced as much in a long long time, and what else but Drag Queens to serve as an unstoppable mood elevator? The night was perfect. Wined out and my hair a birds nest of hairspray and smelling like the club, I kicked my heels off as the sun went up and barely had time to pull my fake lashes off before I became dead to the world.

Nights like these are what remind me of all things good in my life. Last Sunday I spent a night in with the same people i made the dancefloors unsafe with that night and it was nice to just stay in, watch one movie after another and drink lots of wine. Unconditional love is something we expect mostly of our families, but it is something we can ultimately find in good friends. When you are in and out of relationships, you sometimes have to ask yourself if any love is consistent at all or if it all has the potential to blow up in your face and prove itself unauthentic. But when you find a connection like I have found.. the only right thing to do.. is go out there and dance.

Dane, Ikee and Luisa are wearing Mark Bumgarner & RenegadeLovers clutches (Dane & Ikee)
Special thanks Earl Semitara, Mark Bumgarner and my girl Eunice Lucero for the invitation. 

PS: If you are looking for long black dresses to go dancing in, then there is a great selection at Check out the website to find out more information so you can view the clothes on offer.


Dominique B. said...

Amazing photos and fabulous outfits!!!! :P

The Niknok Style

Kookie B. said...

Oh my shiznitz! Where did you get that gorgeous pair of palazzos, dane?

Archer said...

you look ohhhh-some Dane!
and Lady Gaga dropping by McDonalds would have seriously turned heads!

btw, i totally agree with- "Unconditional love is something we expect mostly of our families, but it is something we can ultimately find in good friends."

lasophia said...

Love those pants. You look great Dane, take care.