Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A sigh digs you out when you're getting too deep

 There isn't much to say about a night shooting with 3 souls as creative as these girls. We were shooting for the anniversary issue of LOOK Magazine, and when we heard who else was going to be in the issue, Erica and I joked: "OH! So we MUST be the "creative" group" considering we were being bunched up with socialites and the like. It was great fun shooting with the LOOK team, I wolfed down pizza and buffalo wings while being chased around by my poor makeup artist who had to keep reapplying my lipstick, chit chatted with the ladies about how blogging brings the most unexpected changes into our lives and laughed until my cheeks started to hurt.. leading the photographer to helpless giggle at the whole scenario. I swear I am usually more professional than that, but when you shove me and Erica into a room full of lights and cameras and ask us to pose, there is no way I can contain a snigger here and there!

So yeah, life is still kicking my butt to be honest but my mood these days has been a tad better. I try to entertain myself with what I have, play silly computer games like Sims 3, watch old seasons on "How I Met Your Mother", eat lots and lots of instant noodles and daydream about the day when things will start looking up. Sometimes we forget how fortunate we still are, having the things we have, material or not, and its important to always remember that.. Its a struggle for someone of my state of mind sometimes, but I demand credit for trying! One has to be commended to trying..

The other night I attended the anniversary party of LOOK Magazine and I swear I have some photos of the fashion show.. next post, I promise! There was a new designer competition, with a 3 month scholarship in London as one of the prizes for the winner - to be honest I didn't agree with the chosen winner, but it was a great display of young local talent. If only I had that much patience to actually join a competition like that.. Seriously, why is it so hard for me to be inspired?

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fashioneggpplant said...

you guys look fantastic! :)

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Rianna Bethany said...

This just looks like you had loads of fun! That sleeve style tattoo is fab, never seen one that sort of length before. Love it!

Rianna xxxx

lasophia said...

I have a necklace similar to your red and blue one, mine is red and turquoise I need to blog it one of these days. WAs going to wear it with white as well. Congrats on your feature!