Monday, September 26, 2011

Tell me what you know about dreamin' dreamin'..

 Last Monday, the lovely Roxy from Roxy ;) invited us to the first Roxy/Quicksilver store in the Philippines.. I had never been to Nuvali and couldn't pass up the little day trip to Laguna for a little playtime. It turned out to be quite the chill Monday!

First we got a little tour of the store which I have to say is pretty rad already, my favorite piece of decor being the floating surfboards on the ceiling. We messed with the clothes and played dress-up for a little while, goofing around the store all bright-eyed and excited at all the merchandise. The bikinis are amazing this season, and I went home with my own Roxy bikini swag - a turquoise & coral scale print bikini, while Ikee opted for a backpack - quite possibly the first ever backpack she has ever owned.. hahha.

After lunch at Sumosam, we had to suspend the chit-chatting for a while, because our brains would only carry a conversation so far.. I'm pretty sure I told stories while half asleep. Not quite sure if I made sense at all.. totally blaming the crunchy tuna rolls for that one! Thanks Roxy!!! Will definitely stop by again soon.. and I'm excited for the upcoming kiteboarding events in collaboration with the brand :)))

Meanwhile, it's like life has come to a still stand for me.. waiting sucks in itself but when the waiting involves major life changes, the nerves often have a hard time catching up. I'm lucky if I can spend the night snuggled up in my nook, safe from my thoughts and drunk on love. But most nights these days are interrupted by sneaky nightmares, sudden awakenings and then taken over by this thing called my brain. If only it was easier to make a decision, stick with it, and regret it as little as possible.

But I guess they don't call it a quarter-life crisis for nothing.


Allie said...

Good to see your pretty self!
And hey...the quarterlife crisis happens to all of us. I say that to justify it happening to me right now too. I feel you, I know you will find what's right for you in the future.

P.S. cheating on Billabong?! ;)

evankristine said...

Roxy's clothing style is so beachy, really comfy yet chic. I like the laidback style of it! Great blog, btw. :)

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Ana Maria said...

Hi :D OMG where is this Roxy store located? In Nuvali?

Dane said...

Yes, Nuvali :)