Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Like every day's my last, this time runs extra fast..

  HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! ☮ ✌

I don't know about you but my 2011 verged on the ridiculously unforgiving. Its a wonder I made it through without committing murder, or arson.. It was like being stripped off my last bit of sanity. Luckily that's over, and 2012 finally offers us a hopeful glimpse at a clearer horizon. Since it's the year the Mayans have apparently predicted our doom, surely it isn't a bad idea to take this year by the horns and go at a race pace, fun loving, much dancing, loud laughing and life living.. to the maximum.. right? 

As for me, I ended my turbulent year with lots of windy days, sickeningly perfect sunsets, a few sunrise moments,  a kiss under the fireworks, one too many drinks and a French boy I adore. A couple of days into the new year and I am perfectly content counting my (few)pesos, making ridiculous travel plans, working my behind off and spending mucho time with friends who matter. When a breather from teaching is finally in order, I'm going to write my 2012 bucket list in the thickest marker I can find on a bit of neon cardboard and hang it on my wall for me to always see right before I jet out of the house and into the sun.. After all, there is still lots of wall space in my room meant for this purpose, right underneath my perfectly placed fairy lights..
How was your NYE?


Krystal Pearl said...

Wow you had a blast NYE! Mine was quite different, I had my heart broken on NYE. ='( It was sad though but on a positive note, I am welcoming 2012 with a smile on my face with high hopes that after all the heart aches and pain, everything will be alright. Enjoy! Followed you my dear! Nice pics btw. Take care


ediot said...

great shots
looks like you're having an amazing time
happy new year dear


Raji said...

What beautiful pictures!
That looks and sound like the perfect way to see in 2012
I can't wait to hear about all the adventures you get up to crossing things off of that bucket list!

Slava said...

Happy New Year - I love your blog and wish you a great 2012! xx

Allie said...

I love seeing you in (kite) action!

Hazel said...

wow surely you enjoyed your nye!! :) love the photos! happy new year :)

Bren said...

I always enjoy seeing your pictures Dane. New years was great because I got to spend it with my loved ones. I am glad you feeling better. And 2012 will definitely be badass!! :) Have a great year!

KD faustino said...

Happy New Year, missy! Your blog is still my fave wherever part of the world I may be!

Much love from Canada~

Vina Yabut said...

Lovely photos :)