Monday, January 23, 2012

But the night tears us loose, and in the half light.. we're free..

Hello! Sorry for another unintentionally prolonged absence.. 2012 is a busy one! Before I completely drown in the other 2 languages I have been using on a daily basis and forget how to write a decent paragraph in English, here is a mini post about my work with the Romanian designer Kinga Varga. She is the creator of many pretty things, and while this is only a preview and a behind the scenes looksie, stay tuned for the lookbook photos that will be released soon. We shot in the afternoon at Spiderhouse in Boracay, and ended with the most magnificent sunset shots.. My favorite kind of work to do, I won't deny it!

Other than that I have been jetting to and from Manila quite a bit.. long distance relationships can be such hard work and demand more than just understanding, trust and patience - and not to mention the emptiness my poor wallet has had to endure on a regular basis. But I won't deny that there is something special about constantly changing venues together.. especially when you have contrasting lifestyles. It's a lot of things, but boring, it surely ain't..

So excuse me while I recover from my last week of BBQ ribs binging, drunken toe smashing, retarded kite tricks practicing, beer bong drinking, asthma attack dealing and summer travels planning.. I am exhausted! 

How is your 2012 so far? 

Thank you Katia Kalyani for the behind the scenes shots ♥


Eden said...

always following your every advenchah. can't wait to see the final shots. miss you!


Allie said...

Beautiful! Glad to read life is good for you right now ♥

Bren said...

Cool! Can't wait to see the final product. Looks like you had a fun and silly time. Enjoy every moment, Dane.

Archer said...

can't wait to see that lookbook!
p.s. photo#3's the best!