Monday, February 6, 2012

And I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can forget my name while you collect your claim

[wearing zebra print Headware as tube top, gifted red wrap skirt and flower print RayBans (gift from Australia)]

At this point in our lives, we all ask ourselves the same question: "Where do I belong?" I, for one, have been seemingly living out of my suitcase, in an endless flurry of excess baggage charges, airport massages and weather changes. At some point, I have started feeling lost in my own life. My constant priority shifts have turned one or two sunny days into some kind of a nightmare. I feel like I am being chased by my own white rabbit, yelling and pointing and pushing me over the edge. The lingering feeling of "Am I missing out on something?" is one that wont easily be shaken, followed closely by the much dreaded "Am I on the right path?"- And so, more questions start rolling in..

Some days, I feel safe only with a pillow over my head, protected by chemically induced sleep. Ah, sleep, what a wonderful thing.. when it's available to me. It's like time stops and you need not worry about anything, you need not ask yourself anything, and you need to go nowhere. What a luxury. It is my most favorite way to pass the time..

And when I cant sleep to forget, I guess all I can do is to dance to forget.

(Photos taken at the Boracay FunBoard Cup "Siamese Twins in the 80's Party")

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Dominique B. said...

Badass! Love the earrings! xx

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