Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Will you still love me tomorrow?

My first mobile post! My can't-live-without MacBook is at the shop do I have to grin and bear, meaning figure out a way to scratch this itch via iPhone. In a few days I'm getting on a plane and flying into wonderland.. I am a bag of nerves!!!

Today I shot a beauty editorial for Bridal Magazine. I am so not the 'bride type' and I'm honestly almost convinced I don't posess the bride gene. Nonetheless, working with my pseudo sister Erica is always something I'll get out of bed for. Especially because she knows me so well, that she already had the flowers ready to be inserted into my hairdo. And while the other two models were giggly and in love, I couldn't help but remark that maybe I could be "cynical bride", just to restore some balance in the world. Of course Erica, knowing me all too well, couldn't hide a giggle. But I think "grumpy bride" would have worked just as well.


Kumiko Mae said...

boom to the kilay. i love it!

CAMILLA said...

u look so lovely..

Gela said...

whether you're the marrying type or not, i think you'd make a lovely bride! you're soooo beautiful!!!

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