Thursday, March 1, 2012

Darling, don't forget there is sweetness left unearthed for you and me..

The Kinga Varga lookbook is finally out! It's always extraordinarily easy to shoot with Katia Kalyani, she knows me so well and it really ends up being more playtime than work. We shot at Spiderhouse in Boracay, which is located all the way at the end of White Beach, so it overlooks the entire strip, and therefore offers a much wider view of the sunset hitting the beach. The turbans might come in handy very soon, now if only I could remember how to tie one..

So, I'm not really sure how an announcement like this should be made.. I am temporarily moving to North Africa! I don't wanna kill the suspense so lets keep it at that. I have about 9 days to get my act together and organize exactly 23 kilos of baggage.. I have no idea how to even get started on managing that, especially with this clogged up brain of mind. A shrinking machine must be invented! I spend way too much of my hard earned money on excess baggage!

This weekend I am heading to Malasimbo for a much needed weekend full of trouble making shenanigans and deadly hangovers.. Music festivals are the best place to look for those things, I hear. And considering I have been drinking all week while working, my liver should be in top form and ready to rumble. But for today the only thing on the menu is one of my rediscovered favorite past-times.. retail therapy! ;)


Number Two Lover said...
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Juliane @ Cest moi à Paris said...

Die Photos sind wunderschön!
Und ich wünsche dir viele neue Abenteuer!!!

Bren said...

Great styling! I really like the outfits on you. It seems like they were made especially for you.

I'm excited to read about your North African adventures. Keep us posted!! :) Inshallah, it will be a great journey.

Bon Voyage, Dane! :)

Anonymous said...

Très jolies photos.Merci de partager.

Anonymous said...

How are you Dane? I accidentally saw your post.
It's nice to see you live your dream.

My contact +61 447 942 776

Your Old Friend and Cuzn

little moon lover said...

fabulous photos!
north africa, seriously?? how amazing.. my life seems so dull compared to what you might be wonder I'm bored with it... have fun.. best of luck on your affairs and adventures and thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll keep in touch.. would love to see some pics from north africa.. stay cool



Kevin said...

As always you look great on this one. Nice shot...