Monday, April 9, 2012

Dirt and grass, a shadow heart, moon sails past..

If you are looking for the perfect little garden to sit in and read a book in the cool shade, and you happen to be in Marrakech, then you will love Jardin Majorelle. It used to belong to Yves Saint Laurent, before he donated it to the country. Its full of little nooks, and has a mini museum and tomb in his honor.. and although it was a tad crowded on that day, it was still a nice relaxing afternoon spent discussing life and love with my Mom. 

I am updating my blog roll, so if any of you wanna exchange links, just holler. You know the drill.

PS: Check out my friend's BLOG. She makes amaaaazing Moroccan kaftans.

Did you all have a happy easter Sunday? I spent mine sitting in the sun on my balcony while wearing a head band and drinking beers in bed while trying not to spill nail polish on my white sheets. In other words, it was perfect. X


Sheena said...

Marrakech. I was supposed to go this spring, but ditched it to go travel elsewhere. Your recent post have really made me regret my decision. It all sounds so amazing.


caise said...

you are so beautiful
I really wanna visit this place

as always kaz said...

beautiful. just like you, dane. besos!

lasophia said...

I love all the blue! Reminds me of Frida's house in Mexico City. La casa azul. This is the Moroccan version. Glad you got to spend some time with your mother. fun fun.

Bren said...

Marrakech looks so colorful through your photos. Thanks as always for sharing your adventures, Dane.

Ghita (: said...

Welcoooooomeeeeee to morocco ! :D

God, I loveee your blog and style haha !

I'm following you ;)