Saturday, April 7, 2012

Where we look for where it went, It's only echoes in the melody

 [wearing vintage eyelet kaftan, Parisian wedges]

I just got back from a crazy 4-day-last-minute trip to the insanely beautiful city of Marrakech! My feet ache from the alternating abuse I subjected them to (running around the Medina and clubbing all over town), travelling back to Rabat via train in a hungover daze and still managing to come up with enough energy to go out to get groceries. I am spent. I look forward to moving as little as possible tomorrow, and doing basically nothing all day, which wont be hard to do, because my heart is still stuck somewhere in Marrakech's old town.. What a magical place!

Today's topic on my mind, spurned by girlfriends' Facebook statuses and current dilemmas, is one that seems to resurface on my blog from time to time. As we continue on in life, it seems to be impossible to avoid falling in and out of love. Movies, media, celebrity are all sorts of factors that help dumb down our female logic and reduce us to insecure and fragile beings who mistakenly believe they need to be loved by the opposite sex in order for us to feel whole. And so we commit ourselves over and over again, hoping that each time will be the last time we have to play this emotional lottery, and that maybe, just maybe we will finally find "the one". The fickle soul that I am, I am a constant mess of cynicism and hope, but today the former took a hold of me. At my age, I have had my fair share of I love you's, but today was the very first time I actually thought about the meaning of those words, and had to ask myself: "Have I actually ever been in love?"


Maybe I just had too much time to think on my 5-hour-train-ride.


Kumiko Mae said...

aww i love long trips as i also get the chance to think about absurdities, life and more. i dont know if you've already loved but i hope when you do, it's a story to tell on its own too :D

vanessa east said...

hehehe loveeeee loveeee - something i avoid like the plague ^^

but i love your wedges and kaftan, dane! didnt know parisian had wedges hmmmm

Janine M. said...

Similar thoughts here. I think I'm pretty much the rope in the tug-of-war between hope and cynicism. :)

Bren said...

Being away from the daily routine gives you enough time to reflect on every meaning in life. I always heard this quote: " Two wholes make a whole. Not two halves." I grew up being told that my "media naranja" (better half) would appear in my life. But I never bought into it. I think as a human being no one can fill our voids, we must learn to fill them on our own and be content with the result. After that, someone who really wants to be with you, will accept you ( flaws and all) as you are. That's what I've learned every since I have met my better whole-half.

BTW, Pictures are beautiful Dane. And I love your outfit.

Kris said...

Marrakech! oooo, I'd love to go there one day!
beautiful pics!

thx 4 ur comment on my blog!


LoveT. said...

Thank you for the Comment!
You have a great Blog and you are stunning beautiful ,i follow :)


Feenkuss said...

Wow beautiful pictures :)

Ina :*

Jeline said...

Thanks for visiting! Lovely photos.

thestyleflux said...

Looks like a great place! Have a wonderful time :) Love your outfit!

Kaye Awatin

JanM ♥ said...

You look so beautiful! :)


ImLimitedEdition said...

I love what you are wearing!!


You are so cuuute !! and i'm glad u like Marrakech and spent funny times !
Enjoy your time in Morocco and if you need to ask for something here i'll be happy to help u !