Thursday, April 19, 2012

Topple you down from your sky forty stories high

 [wearing Boom Sason La Moss pants, Zara top, blazer & heels, vintage bag]

Who would have thought clubbing in Marrakech could be so much fun? After the touristy touring, it was time to switch into shoes I can't run in and my now newest wardrobe favorite; my Boom Sason pants. I have always avoided anything leathery looking around my thighs because of my shape, and generally assumed leather + bootay = NO. But it looks like I was wrong. And the night after, my little sister managed to convince me to let her wear them.. Looord have mercy on her soul if I find her trying to sneak them into her suitcase, haha!

So these days I am nothing but tired. Tired tired tired. Everything seems to be sucking the life out of me. And spending 9 hours on a train yesterday amongst screaming children on vacation probably pushed me so far towards the edge that only a half a bottle of wine and 2 hours of chain smoking could bring me back down to earth. 

Tomorrow is Friday and then Saturday and you know what that means............... I get to sleep all day. 

Ohhh yes baby.


Shahrzād said...

u have to try Party at Casa ;)

Afaf et Marwa. said...

Heey !
We hope that you enjoy being in Morocco. We followed you back ;)

Afaf & Marwa

Ps: You can contact us on facebook if you want ;)

Afaf et Marwa. said...

We hope that you enjoy being in Morocco.
We followed you back ;)

Afaf & Marwa

Ps: You can contact us on facebook if you want ;)

classy glam said...

thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I hope you like the Morocco!

Myriam said...

i love your blog, i am following you! <3 kisses from milan !

Vol 2 Broches said...

nice blog I love ur pics .. welcome to Morocco :), I ll add u to my blogroll , feel free to do the same :)

kisses from Nawal
Vol 2 Broches

caise said...

you look gorgeous:-)

gaminedeparis said...

it's nice I like it all Lots

Danny said...

Marrakech should be a wonderful place, so jealous!
those leather pants look great on you and you are so beautiful!
btw, i'm following you ):

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! thank you for your sweet comment :)

Zineb.C said...

I liked your blog, thank for passing by my blog and yes i would love you to add me on your list, i'm following you :D

Welcome to Morocco, hope you'll enjoy it and also if you need something just ask :D

Nafissa said...

Welcome to Morocco ! love ur blog let's saty in touch follow me on facebook

Joanne Faith said...

I love these photos, you look amazing!

It-Blogirls said...

you look great! I've learned you've juste moved to morocco! we have to meet up someday!

Elegantesque said...

Nice outfit ! you seems to have a lot of fun !


Come and take part ! (French Beauty Brand)

lucia m said...

wow! looks like fun!!

blurredmemories said...

looks like so much fun!

Nora De Casa said...

Hello ,
merci pour ton gentille comm :) je découvre ton blog , cool tes photos! Amuse toi bien a Marrakech kisss kisss
see you soon

Anonymous said...


zinouchan said...

I've just looooooooved your blog <3
amazing pictures!!
hope you enjoy beeing in morocco
kisses ^^