Monday, July 9, 2012

And if Cupid's got a gun, then he's shootin'..

[wearing Boom Sason Fashion LaMoss pants, neon tie-dye The Headware worn as tube top]

Apologies to all the unanswered emails! I have been so caught up in the now that I have had no time to breathe, let alone sleep. I just got back from Morocco a few days ago after 4 months of falling in love with the country and have been fighting my jetlag and heartaches with my boys Jose & Jack.. 5 days in Boracay should restore me to my better self and then I promise I will try to wake up my half-dead braincells by writing more. For more constant updates, follow me on Instagram [renegadelovers] and Tumblr []. 

Also, I finally have a Facebook page for the blog: 
Show me some lovin' ♥

Kisses from gloomy Boracay! XOXO 

 PS: Thank you my lovely Xavier Ryan for the photos!


JanM ♥ said...

Oh nice! Welcome back girl to Bora girl! :)


Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is about you, but you kick ass :)

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

lovely, hot, look, do u like follow each other?pls