Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I screamed like a child, my insides went wild..

 [photos by Allyssa Heuze]

As usual, a thousand apologies for more prolonged absences. I promise I am still alive, although death by hangover admittedly comes a-knockin' on my door every few days. Never one to admit fault, I will proceed to sheepishly blame my job as a professional Champagne-drinker for my many sleepless nights and all the time spent with my head stuck in my fridge, on a desperate mission to finding something edible enough and carb-laden to jolt me into normal-dom. I don't even wanna know how many grammar sins I have committed in the last couple of sentences, but as my brain is only half-available for proper usage, I will just roll with it and pretend the grammar-nazis wont come kicking down my door for insisting on a nonexistent vocabulary.

I just got back from Cebu and at the risk of being branded one "lazy ass blogger"- I will stick my index fingers in my ears while monotonously singing the lamest nursery rhyme you could ever imagine and lip-pointing you in the direction of my instagram, tumblr and twitter for a quick recap of all things weird and wonderful that went on in this little humble life of mine.

My eyes hurt from scrolling through my blogroll of unopened posts by my favorite bloggers, which leaves me with my hands in my hair, scrunching up my face while asking in a strangely falsetto mind-voice: "How the hell is everyone else finding the time to blog?!"

There need be 24 + 10 hours in 1 day. Or lets just revolutionize completely, and turn 5-day-workweeks into 3-day-workweeks. Who's in?

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Jade Serina-Bioneda said...

You are amazing. Period :)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i am so in. apparently, other bloggers wake up early to blog hop. i don't get it. i'd rather sleep in when i get the chance.

i say, make every week a 3 (or 4) day work week. spend time to yourself on the day after work. and the rest with friends or family. *wishful think* ggaaaahhhh!

♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

Bren said...

Hi Dane! I just read your blog because I too have been absent occasionally. I think it might be that we are so caught up with our off-line lives instead. For me, being a new mother makes me have less time to do the things I used to do before. There is a cool Mexican song called "24 Horas" basically stating that he wish he could be awake for 24 hours to do everything he wants. I would totally love a 3 day work week. That would be sweet!Hope all is well with you.