Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's because I'm green, isn't it?


Just before the clock strikes past midnight and onto the 26th of Dec (in Europe, where my heart is today) - I want to take a 5-minute timeout from my state of holiday loathing, to greet all you jolly ones an even jollier one. As I have been sickly yet again for the past 4 days, I spent my entire Christmas, holed up in my little haven, watching stand-up comedy, eating way too much of the chocolatey variety, sleeping and not sleeping at unexpected hours, catching up on my favorite dark and twisty people on Grey's Anatomy, staying off Facebook (to avoid my gag-reflex being agitated by all the cheerful posts) and re-arranging my apartment, that action being heavily influenced by a sudden desire to comb the interwebs for the most amazing interior design blogs ever. All these things made me to come to the conclusion that:

  • Eddie Izzard is still HILARIOUS.
  • Chocolate bars are best in mini-form. Except if you have entire bags of them, then you're screwed.
  • I am a vampire.
  • Coffee makes me sleepy. Is that because I am a vampire?
  • They killed Dr. McDreamy. Bastards.
  • I like Christmas photos only if they include a glass of wine. Or two. Or someone dressed as an elf. Or a middle finger.
  • I really like the color white. 
  • I need to stop painting everything white. But I can't. (help)
  • Peeling labels off bottles makes the bottle %137 prettier.
  • I need more fresh flowers in my life. Do boys not give girls flowers anymore?



Angel said...

i dunno with other boys, but my boy still sends flowers with old school handwritten cards which i love... i hate christmas actually, i think its the most hypocritical part of the year but i guess im just a cynical person over all... oh well... but i love new years with loads of nerd willy wonkas and candy canes... i dunno why... hope u had a good one though

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

didn't they kill off mcsteamy and not mcdreamy?

over the last 2 months, harry has been very much annoyed with me for sleeping so late and waking up in the afternoons. haha i hated my call center job but i need to function in the morning. waaahhh!

merry christmas dane! and have a kick-ass new year (painting everything white and peeling bottle labels -- easier if u soak them in hot water and soap for a day)

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