Monday, December 8, 2008

Whats up Doc?

jeans - bench, oversized knit sweater - bill blass (boyfriend's), boots - doc martens

  • My amazingly stylish friend, you may remember here from here, and who we previously have discussed should own her own blog, finally started one. Show her some love, you can find her here.
  • She is also the owner of these amazing 14-hole white docs that i am sporting in these photos. She ran off a few hours earlier to a nearby surf spot, and left her things with me, and also asked me to test drive her rad new boots, which I happily obliged to. I only wore them before getting into the car, and then of course took them off for the 5-hour drive.. they were still a tad uncomfortable, need to be broken in properly and maybe get wet so the leather softens a little. But they were such a steal, its pretty ridiculous, and are brand new too. Props to E and her quick eye for spotting them in the literal sea of shoes we immersed ourselves in.
  • Halfway back to the city, we stopped for some dinner at a place where they serve food the traditional way, on banana leaves. The food was all kinds of amazing, thank god for the huuuge sweater I was wearing, I'm sure I looked pregnant with twins afterwards.
  • At the same place, they have this corner where you can buy cups, plates, bowls, jugs and even a TV, and throw it at a wall with "mother-in-law" "motherfather" and my favorite "drinker/gambler" written on it inside giant cartoon bubbles. You are to aim at whichever person/fact/thing/situation makes you angry and smash whatever you have on it. I of course wasted no time dilly-dallying and purchased myself what could have been a small family set, and even encouraged the boyfriend to throw more cups together with me. It was pretty obvious he didn't have as much angst as I did. We frisbeed a few plates and pitched coffee mugs, and went home with less weight on our shoulders. I recommend it to everyone who has anger management issues, the best kinda therapy, I swear by it!
  • Tonight I was supposed to meet my girls to have some Mr. Tequila, but one fell asleep and the other has an early flight, which left me at the mercy of Mr. Absinthe, who was quite kind to me for a change, and allowed me to go home in one piece, without any contact with the green fairy, and therefore with the opportunity to do a post before Zzzz-time.
Denishabeybeh - The boots I found in Baguio, on Session Road, and they have loads on Burnham Park too.
Chica - I use a Canon IXUS 950 IS, and sometimes adjust the levels of the pictures on photoshop when they're not clear enough. Auto levels is best.

Hope this helped! x


May Kasahara said...

most excellent docs ♥

Hot Bot said...

Ohmigosh, that plate throwing thing sounds...strangely awesome!

Such a good call with the Docs.

Eunice said...

ALAK/BABAE/SUGAL! (Translation: liquor/women/gambling) Our favorite target... I wonder why lol!

The Docs, ohhh, the Docs. Hellooo, 16-hole babies made of nothing but love as pure as the driven snow. Post more pics :)

Andy said...

i really like your sweat, it looks so comfy!
new post on my blog, check it out.


morena said...

Those boots are gorgous !!

michelle said...

Those shoes are rather snazzy :D

Hot Bot said...

Oooooh, I tagged you this time :)

Denishabeybeh said...

hey girl. thanks fro the advice. i will go there.

we'll be spending the holidays there. and am very very excited for the year end hunt.

btw your docs are so cute. you can wear anything and still be pretty.

Juice said...

I have always wanted to try that thing where you smash ceramic stuff against the wall. I think they have it somewhere in Pangasinan. I always passed by it when I go back home to Manila from Baguio. :)

tptpgogogo said...

Oh my god, I would love to smash some plates.

That's a wonderful idea for a business!

Ess Elsie. said...

The Docs! Love them!

Wait, wait. I feel like I've seen that plate smashing place before. Either you were at teh floating restaurant with waiters who sing to you or there are many smashing plate places in the Phils.

Dane said...

Elsie - Thats exactly where we were, floating restaurant! We made the singing waiters sing us some Elvis songs.. im not sure if they have other plate smashing places here, but I think we are talking about the same place, I mean and floating restaurant/platesmashing/singing waiter place, they cant have too many of these here right?

So so much fun babe.

oddgirldiaries said...

ang ganda nung doc's!! gusto ko rin makabasag ng pinggan hahaha =-).

Stompface said...

Holy moly!!! This outfit is crazy fantastic!!