Saturday, March 14, 2009


dress - gift from my cousin, shoes - syrup, clutch - made by me

  • My real skin color was starting to show and I do not look too happy about it.
  • The bag did not disappoint.. i dropped it a couple of times in my excitement.. the studs totally serve their purpose.
  • I just arrived on the island.. and brought home my first sewing machine ever. My little brother totally rocks for giving me one as an advanced birthday gift.
  • Thank you for all your wonderful comments regarding my bags.. I cannot wait to make them for you all to have. You guys are LOVE.

left to right: Ms Binibining International Melody Gersbach, Ms Binibining Universe Bianca Manalo, Ms Binibining World Marie Ann Umali


Denise said...

yey for Melody and may i say your dress is amazing, and where can i get that bag? hihi. no pressure, but really when?

DaisyChain said...

your bag is amazing <3 <3

Mode Junkie said...

you look stunning dear. and so does melody. yay for her!

May Kasahara said...

girl you look sooooo stunning.
and I am still amazed by your bag skillssss.

ninja said...

oooh congradz to cool.
and the picture of you is so beautiful.i'm a fan fo your bags. make 100000 of them please

Juliana said...

love your dress and the bag , its amazing :) And thoose shoes really matched the outfit.

Lovly blog by the way:)

modern antoinette said...

That bag of yours is so gorgeous. I love it.


Belle said...

Wow! beautiful dress, you look stunning!