Monday, February 8, 2010

Submerging from your world and back into my bliss

All of us need some reassurance sometimes, and its incredibly heartwarming to realize that I am not the only one feeling lost at times, so thank you all for your kind words. Life can be like quicksand if we don't watch our steps.. but that shouldn't ever sway us from trying.

Maybe its the weather's insane display of optimism, or the fact that at home I have a man who keeps my soul strong.. so I have decided to approach life's challenges head on. Besides, who can stay negative while spending so much time baking cupcakes, cookies and ice cream cakes? Just the thought of tomorrow's test batch of red velvet cupcakes is making me giddy, like a five year old.

Photo above is a snippet of what Ive been busy with.. fingers crossed I get things done in time.

I hope you are all doing amazing.. will free some time asap and dive into all your new posts.. pinky promise ♥


Womens Tops said...

Such a lovely read. Thanks

being miss east said...

yey! i would wanna see photos of your cupcakes, ms spanishfly ;()

virtual hugs,


daisychain said...

sending much love

Gizelle said...

that's the spirit dane!
hope we cebuanas could have a blogger meet up...though i would be too shy..LOL.

nice colors and patterns you've got brewing there!

CherryBlossom said...

Ahh cupcakes, the answer to most problems!

Denise said...

you're one creative chic dane. Love the fabrics. Can't wait to see them.

I am Denise Katipunera

Kelly said...

Well said! I definitely felt lost. But I'm just determined to follow my dreams.