Thursday, February 11, 2010

You say you'll bring to me deep love

People are People dress, Mala gift from India

My good friend Christine requested I try to make red velvet cupcakes.. I have a hard time resisting the challenge of creating something my friends will enjoy so I decided to make a test batch for our friend's birthday. Had I known that they were going to turn out to be such a hit, I would have made more.. and how appropriate are the heart sprinkles? Good thing I bought a few things before leaving the city.. ingredients on the island are sparse and ridiculously overpriced. Not that that ever stops me.

I had to cut my night short still, what with my cough acting up.. doesn't help to hang out with smokers and wear backless dresses, but I was going to a party - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Today I had to pay for it all in the form of a visit to the much dreaded doctor. After an xray, a blood test and a few unpleasant minutes on the nebulizer, I was given what seemed like a wad of prescriptions and a plastic bag full of drugs.. As if that wasn't enough, I was told to stay out of the sun until my cough gets better, to stop drinking immediately and that if I wasn't careful, that I could see pneumonia in my future. Okay then, doc.

Asthma sucks hairy balls.

So now I must find other things to keep myself busy with.. like more baking.


Angel said...

cupcakes look yummers my love! sorry to hear u under the weather... good thing your asthma only attacks, mine had it since was small and have maintenance already everyday so wont have to be in ER everyday lolz... get well and bake more cakes... ey, dya happen to have some candies i can make that requires less cookin or something like pastillas or yema or trouffle or sumfin? lemme know... love the dress and i see u got a new phone, cool xxx

daisychain said...

baking is addictive! send me a cake ;)

Karencilla said...

i highly recommend baking in the meantime you can't drink hahah.

Please take care of yourself and get better darling!

CherryBlossom said...

Awesome cakes! What's the recipe?

being miss east said...

love the cupcakes.. and the nails. <3

get well soon, miss d!

Gizelle said...

hey, i know that look! is it tipsy texting?hehe. at least, that's how i am....serious-face texting cuz i can't see the letters...LOL.

those cakes looky yummy by the way!

get well soon dane!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

betz said...

these are the cutest cupcake ever. it must be so hard to eat it because it's so pretty.


Kelly said...

Red Velvet Cupcakes are my absolute favorite! Yummy!