Monday, September 6, 2010

You trick your lovers that you're wicked and divine

Photos by Hannah Bacalla

BTS by Michael Chavez
wearing Mango cut offs, TopMan tee, vintage jacket + boots

To all my readers who have written emails of concern to me, thank you. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have a battalion of hearts behind mine, offering words of wisdom or virtual hugs. You are all so damn amazing. Will do blog rounds soon!

Single life is turning out to be rather interesting. In the last week, I have met some incredible people, and spent lots of quality time with myself. I realize that in the last few years, I had really lost myself in what I thought was the life I wanted and was ready for, which makes no sense. I committed when I was 21, that's far too young for a serious relationship. Its what our culture here teaches us. My mother had me when she was 20, so naturally, as soon as I surpassed that age, the topic of grand children kept coming up. I love kids, but drowning in dirty diapers is really not the way I imagined my 20's to be.

I'm heading home to the island in a couple of days to get started on some of the changes that need to be made there. Its going to be quite emotional, sorting through boxes of stuff, separating personal belongings and moving into separate places, but its also very intriguingly exciting. The upcoming season is always an eventful one, so there definitely will be no time for loneliness. I'm going to keep the blog, but bear with me, my appetite for fashion has stalled and been replaced with over thought philosophies about love and life.. But I promise you, disastrous dates and awkward advances can add just as much spice to a blog. Stay posted ;)

More photos from Hannah - climbing around on rusty trucks and jumping off and risking ankle breakage - I'm a total daredevil, I know.

OH and PS: Thinking about doing my first VLOG ♥ so bring on the questions!


Wild Flower said...

Hey Gorgeous...I know you are going through some heart break right now but I must say that I am excited for you. When one door closes amazing ones then open.
You are such a beauty! I adore your fringe you really suit it and for some reason remind me of Beyonce in the clip 'Why dont you love me'. (its one of my favs)
Kia Kaha sis (be strong)

Bub said...

I'm glad your doing well Dane. I myself know what your going through, and surprisingly, I am doing great! A lot of eventful things have happened to me in the past week and a bit. Keep smiling hun!
ps. I love your hair! It matches you so well!! Pretty :)
pps. Vlog sounds like fun!!!

inkarlcerating said...

omg yer my beyonce. di ko alam yu broke up with boyfie na pala. aww .. this is sad but bevertheless i feel happy for whatever success you are reaping right now , dane. i love u. we love u. u see i was in the same boat a year ago. later on, ive realized that breaking up was a positive epiphany since ive met a lot of people and friends in the process. right now im still single and i dont know when or how wil i be able to snag a boy and its ok really. i dnt really mind being one. so what right? hehe love yah

sweet said...

Oh gorgeous Dane, so happy that you are doing a good now...just keep up the strength hun and do not forget to always believe in him and pray...

Kisses love

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

glad to know u're embracing the single life dane...i was in a long serious relationship in HS and college and was single half the year until i was working -- for about 5 years...i kept asking Him why i'm still alone but then i realized that i needed to love myself first before i can meet that one...and yeah, after promotions and being able to let myself grow up without the dependency on a guy, i met Harry...:D

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Single life can be so rewarding and it sounds like you have a very positive leash on what's ahead of you. Sure, it's going to be emotional and you will get sad, but all of these moments are only molding you into becoming a stronger and more amazing you. You're going to do so well, I know it!

Statement of Fashion said...

great photos!!

i love the outfit!


Allie said...

I never doubted for a minute that you'd get your footing and walk on forward. ♥

And looking hot on top of all that is just a bonus ;)

KD faustino said...

awwwww. you know i used to live in boracay too because my then bf was based there. when we broke up, i thought i can never go back to the island again without thinking of the memories but you know what, when i went back last january, i felt like "wow, this island is so different!" i discovered a lot of things i didn't encounter when i was living there with him. now im in canada and i couldn't be happier :) things happen for a reason, love :) you can do it!!!! single is sexaaaaaaaay! look at you and those bangs, these photos...WOW!

ai said...

you'll be okay. =)

Kookie B. said...

these are wonderful photos, babe! you look gorgeous with thick eyelashes.

i know you'll be able to sort things out. from the photos i see here in your blog, you look like a strong girl. i say, enjoy the single life! single and mingle! haha. corny.

Vitamin K said...

I know just what you're going through Dane! And it gets easier.

I found out I had some truly amazing friends when I went through my break up last year. And I also realised I *can* do things by myself, so it's ok if I choose to do things with company most of the time. :]

These photos are gorgeous. Your hair is amazing!


P.S I still keep thinking about your amazing clutch bags. Any chance you'll be making them for sale?

Eden said...

Hey!Tnx for the sweet comment:)))
Love ur blog!Great style and photos:))following now,follow back if u want:)))

Booga said...

I super love the 2nd photo down, what a great shot! I love old, rusty things. Rust just has so much personality and makes for an amazing backdrop behind a girl who seems to have so much personality! :)

Jeje said...

Awesome hair! You rocked it :)

Emilie said...

Amazing blog! I love these pictures, they could go directly into a magazine :)

you are gorgeous, I'm sorry if you're going to something tough right now...


visit me and let me know what you think?

Mode Junkie said...

dane, how rad is this?? too rad for words.

loving the fringe.

and i hope you feel better soon. cyberhugs for you.

miss you.

xoxo Mode Junkie

Sylvia etc... said...

Really like the pictures & look + your super chic 'oeil de biche' eye make-up!

Noelle Chantal said...

Dane, I'm quite shocked about the news. But hey, it's not that bad really, 'cause I do believe in your spirit, girl. Been reading your blog since forever and I've seen so many things happened to your life good or bad, you handled it very very well. So, I know that you'll be so much better after all this shit, gazillions times better, Dane!! I know the feeling, I've been there twice. You are strong I know that, just have faith, Dane. :)

Hugs kisses to you

Noelle Chantal said...

Oh, forgot to say, you look really pretty in these photos, Dane! Love the bangs and your killer eyes. Great shots!

Enjoy the island! And take your time, we'll still be here. :)