Monday, October 25, 2010

You've got pains like an addict, 10am automatic

wearing Oysho bikini bottom, JCrew striped shirt, random peace flag sunnies

The rain has been falling incessantly since last night, when I almost didn't make it to my spa appointment (thank you, Body & Soul!) and came home drenched down to the bone. My new kitten, Luna, has been having one nervous breakdown after another and insists on crawling into my shirt for comfort. It turns out I'm a little allergic to the little lunatic, but I refuse to give her up, so its all anti-histamines for breakfast.. Luckily my asthma has not been triggered, so it isn't serious, but I really miss the days when I didn't have an itchy nose and red eyes.

My wifey arrives today, which means: work during her stay with be more fun, my liver is going to cry and a happy sudden death to my diet. Yesterday was my day off and I spent it shopping for a Luna-dish, sitting on the floor and paper mache-ing my Halloween costume and falling asleep in a wine daze while watching "Battle Royale". I was struggling with some issues from the past yesterday.. The tricky thing about the end of a relationship, is the unavoidable breakup with the family. I miss them terribly, but I know its done, and everyone needs to move on. But merely knowing that more than obvious fact, doesn't make it any easier to let go..


Bub said...

You little kitty is so cute! Even though I am not entirely fond of cats I'll make yours an exception ;) What are you gonna be for halloween? I'm so interested to see what you will be coming up with.
Great sunnies by the way

sweet said...

I just watched Blue Crush last night...and the leading actress reminds me of you!!!!

looking gorgeous as ever Dane!!!!


Eden said...

jerk i miss you! come back to cebu!!!! and those glasses are killers... hows luna?


Shilpi said...

I love your blog! Following