Friday, November 26, 2010

Someone said true love was dead, and I'm bound to fall, bound to fall for you..

wearing Carbon one shoulder mini dress, Aldo pumps, vintage Chanel bag & gifted Forever 21 peacock earrings

In my last minute trip around the country in search for answers, I stopped in Manila and went on a date with my beautiful wifey - if you need a distraction, nothing is better than an array of 500 wines, a buffet, 5 inch pumps and a Jaegerbomb-thirsty group. We came, we saw, we were photographed and we conquered, albeit slightly (!) intoxicated towards the end. My circle of trust is solid these days, and they all contribute to being amazing distractions. I can feel the love without having to hear it being said to me, or having it posted on my facebook wall. Its pure and old school and authentic, just the way I like it. I'm lucky despite all my troubles, and I'm happy despite the pain.. its really an oddly satisfying feeling, having your eyes wide open despite sitting in the middle of a tornado. Buckle up and just go with it, you cant stop a storm, so you might as well learn how to survive one.

It seems, whichever direction I look, someone close to me is going through a tribulation of their own. For everyone's sake, I'm just begging for the end of this year to come.. we all need a clean slate, a fresh start. 2010 was a major year of change for me, but I harbor no ill feelings.. I have not felt this much like my own self, and felt this comfortable in my own skin, in forever. Sometimes we get so comfortable being the person we think the world wants us to be, we lose focus and become somebody else. We can go on for years thinking we are happy being that other person, and the disappointment in the end becomes almost unbearable, when you realize how much time you spent denying your soul to flourish, and choosing to imprison your emotions like a caged bird. By no means should we regret the time we have spent in search of ourselves, even if we steered off the obvious path.. everything serves its purpose in the end, and experience should not be regretted, but welcomed. You only have now, so take it and make it yours.



daisychain said...

1. I totally agree. I NEED this year to end. I'm drawing a line and 2011 will be my year. OUR year.

2. You are seriously insanely beautiful.

3. LOVE your dress



wow that color blue it so lovely!
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Shilpi said...

I love your hair, so gorgeous!



Allie said...

Love you, love the new header, and want to party with you! ♥

pauline said...

im new to your blog. but im loving it! spent a whole day last week reading your posts. love how raw and real it is :) it's definitely very refreshing from the rest of the fashion blogs out there. bisous

dred said...

love your hair! and your dress too. definitely a stunner. xx