Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Go ahead and sell me out and I'll lay your ship bare

wearing borrowed black bandage skirt, Forever 21 pocket tank, Parisian wedges, Forever 21 leopard bag

First of all, yes I knowww I am on my phone for most of these photos.. but do I at least get a free pass if I'm texting with someone on the other side of the world? At this point, I am practically married to my iPhone. He is reliable and always on time and surprises me with little messages. Yes, its that bad.

I do recognize that I now qualify for the "most distracted blogger award" if there is such a thing. I dont even have a good excuse.. I have just been partying a little too much. My heart is pretty heavy these days, and I guess the endless socializing offers a cheap distraction to all things morose and draining. It seems like we are all fighting battles within ourselves and sometimes slip and fight off the one thing that was good and right. I wonder if we are all getting wiser as we get older or if we are all just getting jaded and hardened. Some of the things that used to make my day just make me cry and I question every aspect of every decision I make, over and over again until I can almost feel my brain bleed. My heart breaks every day and at any given moment, and I have no idea as to why.. or how I can prevent it from happening. Some days I wake up and wish myself far away where nobody knows me, nobody questions me or expects anything of me. But what I cant make up my mind about is; when we are backed into a corner by life, should we stand our ground and push back or run away and wait for the horizon to clear?

I guess I'm just tired and need to reboot.


Violet said...

I know where your coming from with the jaded and hardend thing. im currently going day by day and finding people less enjoyable to be around and take refuge in the few people i love (bff's and bf). but other than that i dont like to much socializing because people want to ask about life and i rather not talk about because that means i have to think about it myself.

i love that leopard clutch btw

Vi from Cali

Lovely B. said...

i super love your outfit, your skirt, and the color of your nails! :) come and visit my blog if you have some time :) i am following you now, hope you follow me back too :)
that woul be much appreciated! keep in touch :)
thank you :)

Kiksy said...

Everything I feel and yet somehow couldn't find the words to explain or describe, you just did for me. I dont even know what to say. I guess I should say thank you.

I love the long hair on you by the way. Its gorgeous. And I'm married to my blackberry. Its okay. You're allowed. lol.

lots of LOVE as always

Bia said...

Hi.Thanks for your comment. ;)

Actually i'm on holiday in my own country (portugal), just hanging out with my friends, going to the beach and music festivals. This year i'm not going abroad, but i've been to italy, france, spain and england. ;) And you?

Are you a model?

Anyway, i'm glad to have found your blog. I'll definitively stop by more often ^^