Sunday, July 10, 2011

I told you I was trouble, you know that I'm no good..

 What a rollercoaster! I need a breather, someone step on the brakes!

These photos were taken two Saturdays ago, at Jean Hill's fashion show at Fever Luxe Lounge at the Sofitel. The hair and makeup was amazing, bold and feminine, lashes to death and hair braided in sections and then bunned at the nape. Jean made me a different dress at the last minute, so i wasn't prepared for how sexy mine was gonna be.. I should have hit the gym first! I swear, I didn't breathe much that night.. hahha.

Her clothes are not sewn but braided, knotted and woven together. Its hard to describe, even for myself.. you have to see it in person. The seamless fit almost molds the dress to your curves.. and then just drapes. Everyone looked amazing in their outfits and although almost naked, I felt comfortable, much thanks also to the help of a little double sided tape..

I can barely find the time to blog, I am always either tired, hungover or on the brink of an anxiety attack. I have quit (for the Nth time!) my disgusting smoking habit.. 3 days and counting, but my withdrawals are making me nervous and sleepy at the same time, if that's even possible. Only a little wine and lots of fried rice seem to help and long long walks.. at the mall. Sale season is beckoning me to sacrifice myself and my financials - at a constant rate. Now that I think about it, I should probably just stay away from a mall, yes? It is lovely that I have reignited my flame of a love for this thing we nonchalantly call "footwear".. but I fear this time around it will drive me to starvation.. I will become a skinny girl who loves wine - and has pretty shoes. Sounds like a plan.. no?

wearing (after show) Forever 21 lace shorts, vintage bodysuit, Zara platform heels

 Photos are by:

Jun Reynales
Eddieboy Escudero
Allen Ros
Melody Gonzales Lucson


Anonymous said...

The dresses are gorge!! On another note, what does the tattoo on your rib say? And is it in your handwriting? :)

coy colleen said...

she has gorgeous clothes, and super hot silhouettes! love the photos, everyone looks gorg

blogging often does become difficult esp when you're trying to cure a hangover constantly, I agree! and sale seasons are doing nothing but empty out whatever is left my bank account but at least we get cute clothes out of it?

freyja said...

so so so pretty, love the last one :)

Archer said...

wow! that dress is sexy!
what does your ink say? I love it!

Dane said...

Anon, Archer - My tattoo says "All good things are wild and free."

Here's a closeup


Wild Flower said...

Far out these dress are AMAZING!! The way they are cut and seem so simple in one way but so much beautiful detail in another. You are killing it your such a beauty! Would have been heaps of fun!

C.Key said...

Omg what a great post! All of U are really well dressed, stunning.
I LOVE the first picture, it's adorable! U are a real beauty dear. C:
I have to follow your blog right now, 'cause I won't miss your next post.
Have a nice day!

tatie said...

i love the back details! and you sexy back!

Raspberry & Rouge said...

Great photos and gorgeous clothing, love it! XO Rebecca

Manel said...

Sexy back.. Love your outfits especially your fashion style .. You looks so pretty and sexy women!