Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Exhibit A: Wangster wannabe
  • The bag is one of my faves, I think I purchased it at the department store for very little dinero.
  • Studs are actually bag feet.
  • They are even golder in person.
  • Totally practical for not getting the bottom of your bag dirty.

Exhibit B: (still needs a name) small clutch, evening bag.
  • I designed this.
  • I patterned and sewed it too.
  • Made of leatherette, silver magnetic enclosures.
  • It is made from a flat pattern, and fully lined.
  • Inspired by tuxedos.
  • Sprained my right thumb while sewing it.
  • Most complicated one to make/sew so far.. smaller bags usually are, but I succeeded in making all my stitches straight.. yay for me.
  • Was called an "Addict" for it. Having OCD pays off.

    I wanted to make something I hadn't seen in a store before.


Exhibit C: Ann Marie, over sized clutch.
  • Originally meant to be a bag for my 14 year old baby sister.
  • I kept going with it, but as soon as the quilting was added I decided it was gonna be for a more mature bag owner.
  • Made of blue leatherette, lined with fabric traded from Camille Liwanag, hehe.
  • Has two rows of gold bag feet on the gusset, can stand.
  • Resembles a Chanel with teeth.
  • Named Ann Marie for the main character in the movie Blue Crush.
  • Fits a surprising amount of things.. rivals my favorite totes in practicality.
  • Almost lost a finger while sewing it.

As modelled by Koo =)

And to answer some questions:
  • what tools do you use for the studding? - I use regular studs or bag feet depending on what I am making. I get them from a private supplier but I'm sure you could order them off the Internet or check local crafts stores for them.
  • is it possible that you could sell your stuff online? - I just wrapped up my 1st term, and am bound for the island in a few days, vacation time. I will be experimenting on maxi and baby doll dresses and slouchy pants during my summer vacation, then in May I will be back in school and will start accepting orders for my bags and dresses.
  • and your hair is growing so fast, is that natural curls? - My hair in naturally curly but I have had it straightened for almost 2 years now.. I am growing it out, so on good days my curls start to show.
  • do you speak German? - Yes I do! I get shy about it.. but I still speak it with a perfect accent thank god.
  • are you from Germany actually? I grew up there, and in Spain. I'm not German by blood but I feel more German than Spanish actually.

All those who want to exchange links, please let me know in this post, I will try to update my blogroll in the next few days.

Right now I am in La Union, learning how to surf. Yesterday we went out and I got up on my first try.. it was pretty fun. I'm quite comfortable in the waves since we already have a surfboard, but for kiting, so surfing is just another version of what we already do. Fun fun.

Later, Alligators! ♥

PS: I you have more questions, feel free to ask away =)


Ms Constantine said...

Your bags are amazing! I love all of them. But especially the blue one.
I would die if I had it in black (maybe not actually die, but I'd swoon and rave about it. lol).

Bambola said...

OH.My.God. That first bag is way too awesome

&& that cluth that you made looks divine! Major kudos to you on making such a kickarse clutch.

I can't wait til you open your store! I'll take the tuxclutch & the oversized blue one too... you are so talented!!

Bambola x

If you like my blog - feel free to add me to your blog list =)

May Kasahara said...

god you are SO talented girl!!

love them all.

Hot Bot said...

You're killing me with your creations Dane! And the surfing, I haven't surfed in over 2 weeks. Dyingggggggggg....

phamzy said...

what a very crafty girl! very nice! and done neatly!

exchange link? thank you!


amanda said...

those are INCREDIBLE, i can't even begin to pick a favourite. i see orders/fame of deep-in-vogue proportions in your future, so be warned! haha :)

Denise said...

oh Dane!!!!! oh DANE!!!
i am going to order lots and lots of bags from youuuuuuuu!

i love them all, the black and the blue and the white.!!! am i hyper? hihi.

link me? will yah? http://denisekatipunera.blogspot.com

oh we just got back from up north, Baguio, La union and 100 islands!!!!! am tan now, and we'll be back in 100 islands two weeks from now. check me out.

ps,,,,i love your bags. please alert us soon if when you're starting to sell.

have a great surfing!

DaisyChain said...

Great bags m'dear. You have talent

AJ said...

Can't wait to own a Dane original, keep me posted okay? Linked you!

proudly says, said...

you could sell them and i will be your number one buyer.hehehe!
i love that black and white purse.

Mode Junkie said...

i hope the bags are finished when i come over in sep. can't wait! you are a genius. my sewing skills are like shit compared to yours. so embarrassing.

Bucca said...

wow your stuff is incredible!
Can you post some tutorials on how you make these?

Bucca said...

oh and can we trade links?

KATLIN said...

Girl, AMAZING! And I love how big the studs are on your black bag! Really does make it practical so it doesn't get dirrrty.

mochachinadoll said...

dane i love the studs! I would totally buy a clutch if you keep making more! hmm.. maybe you could customize? haha! this is so awesome, im excited to see what you'll have in store for your line.. fashion the island! :)

xx R

anj said...

i love the bags. i would totally get the blue one, and am imagining toting that tuxedo clutch in black and red.

i recently moved to SG and have resolved to take up patternmaking and sewing too. link my blog if you feel like it. thanks!


Anonymous said...

I will surely have my picture taken with you if we meet in Bora!

You're the prettiest gurl ever.



Ashley said...

I just discovered your blog from a comment you left on BleachBlack... I just had to check out your DIY version of the Wang bag. It is so fabulous! And I really looove that blue clutch, the color is just gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

WOW Ur bags are fab! love that blue on that violet in that other post, those are amazing, U should sell them in etsy :D